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The Webster definition of the word Advocacy is “the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal: the act or process of advocating.” FIIN primarily was founded as an education and networking focused membership group for the institutional investor community. However, as we learned in the 2009 recession, regulators and policy makers can create non-economic or unintended consequences that may in fact negatively impact investors.

While FIIN is not currently registered as a lobbyist, we have strong relationships with many other industry trade associations. These associations are interested in the unbiased investor view—where the strength of our association lies.

While other trades may at times lack a unified voice, FIIN is positioned to forward the true investor point of view. Even if our investor group has a divergence of opinion, all points of view will be represented. One can be assured that whatever paper or position FIIN represents, it will be the unbiased investor opinion.

We currently represent well over 240 insurance, asset management, REITS, family offices and pension advisors. We seek to maintain open dialogue with our constituency and bring the voice of all to the important and relevant issues of our day.

Please visit this page for updated opinion, white paper pieces as well as editorial content. And always feel free to ask about membership in FIIN.

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