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Committees & Task Forces

Editorial Review Committee

The Editorial Review Committee is tasked with reviewing and approving all formal positions and statements of the Association. The Committee works with other FIIN Committees and Task Forces on recommendations that require a formal position being taken. The Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Committee Chair is Vince Fiorillo.  


Education Committee

The Education Committee is tasked with developing and disseminating learning programs to elevate the knowledge base of the investor community. The Committee has also set in motions plans for formal education programs to come to market in the coming months. The Committee Chair is Ann Rutledge.


Membership Committee

This Committee is responsible for determining membership qualifications. The Committee is also tasked with reviewing and approving new member applications on an ongoing basis. The Committee is Chaired by Fahd Basir.

Nomination Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with identifying leaders for future leadership positions of the Association including Committee Chairs, Board of Directors and other appointed positions. Alessandro Pagani is the Committee Chair.


The purpose of Women@FIIN is to provide a ‘community within a community’ for women with investor roles in the structured finance sector. The purpose of the community is to foster senior level connections, and a deeper network, among women that can lead to job advancement, new opportunities, and knowledge sharing.

Women@FIIN will elevate the profile of women as leaders within FIIN by nominating them for board, committee and task force positions, and in outward bound communications from FIIN including events and thought leadership content. 

Task Forces

FIIN Task Forces are the backbone of the activities of the Association. Task Forces are solutions oriented in their endeavors, and work closely with the Education and Editorial Review Committee on recommended courses of action. FIIN is by investors, for investors, and Task Forces are where the rubber meets the road. All members of FIIN are welcome and encouraged to join Task Forces.


ESG has emerged as a factor for investment decisions on par with traditional criteria. The Task Force concerns itself with advancing ESG by engaging the investors on best practices, initiatives in the broader investment universe in the US and globally, as well as regulatory developments.  Rob McDonough serves as Interim Chair.


RMBS investors represent a large percentage of FIIN's membership. The group considers GSE reform, private label issuance, QM patch, and other regulatory and policy issues that impact investors.  Eric Kaplan Chairs the RMBS Task Force.


CLO investors and managers currently make up the largest cohort of the FIIN membership. The Task Force works to address the unique challenges facing this asset class since it is still largely misunderstood by regulators, policy makers, and even many allocators. Dan Wohlberg serves as Chair.

Consumer ABS

The Consumer ABS Task Force address asset types including auto loans, credit card receivables, student loans and other consumer related instruments.  The Task Force is Chaired by Jack Ervasti.

Private and Commercial ABS

This group covers assets that Include equipment leasing, receivables factoring, aircraft, and other off the run areas that are not covered by CLOs, RMBS, Consumer, or CMBS.  Brian Herr is the Chair.

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