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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the origins of FIIN?

The concept of FIIN was derived from an Advisory Board comprised of investors formed to program the content for Information Management Network’s Annual ABS East conference, the premier conference for the structured finance market. This Advisory Board recognized the need and valuable contribution that an investor-based association could bring to the broader Structured Finance marketplace, and thus, FIIN was conceived in the Fall of 2018. 

What are the objectives of FIIN?

FIIN is an association comprised of investors involved in structured finance. The association has 3 primary objectives: investor education, peer networking, and advocacy. The association’s motto is “better investors make better markets.” 

Can non-investors join?

Yes, on a limited basis. FIIN may allow associate members from the consulting and academic community depending on the nature of their role in the marketplace.

How do I apply? Where do I apply?

Please visit the FIIN Membership page here and view the application HERE. Alternatively, you may send an email to adam.grainger@thefiin.org to receive an application. Once returned, the application will be sent to the FIIN membership committee for review.

Is there a fee?

Currently FIIN is free for investors to join. FIIN may adopt member dues at a later date.

What kind of activities do you do?

FIIN will be conducting online events such as webcasts and virtual seminars in 2020, as well as addressing policy concerns as they arise. In the future, FIIN will produce networking events globally in 2021 once circumstances permit. These events will include forum style discussions for investors to consider top of mind matters of concern to investors, as well as networking sessions for investors to interact with their peers. FIIN is also developing introductory level educational content for junior associates and more details will be forthcoming later in 2020. See the events page HERE.

What is on in 2020? Where can I see an event calendar?

The FIIN Activities Calendar is posted on our website and will be updated with more details regularly. The calendar can be found HERE.

How can I become more involved?

The first step is becoming a member! FIIN is currently seeking volunteers to join the various member task forces who will concern themselves of meeting the objectives of FIIN. FIIN will send out solicitations for volunteers as needed by the Committee and Task Force Chairpersons. FIIN members will receive these notifications as they are distributed.

Are there sponsor opportunities? Who do I speak with about them?

FIIN welcomes sponsors for its planned digital and in person events. If your firm is interested to sponsor or otherwise support the buy side initiatives of the association, please contact the Head of Operations, Adam Grainger: adam.grainger@thefiin.org for more information.

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