FIIN Member Call to Action: Task Force Volunteers Needed

FIIN asks your help. The single most valuable resource of the Association is our membership and the vast knowledge base garnered through the unique experiences of investors in the numerous markets and asset classes in which they are involved on a day to day basis. FIIN is eager to tap this immense resource to advance the mission of the Association. We ask that you consider joining a task force to bring your point of view and expertise into the discourse to help FIIN represent the buy-side in the most granular and holistic way: We are by investors, for investors.


Currently FIIN is recruiting for volunteers to join several Task Forces which are centered around asset classes. Several of the Task Forces have evolved from working groups which were formed in the wake of the covid-19 outbreak back in March, and others are new. Additionally, Chairs and Co-Chairs of the Task Forces will shortly be appointed by the FIIN Board of Directors, but please note that membership to the Task Forces is open to any FIIN member.

Task Forces to be formed:
• Consumer ABS
• Private and Commercial ABS

Other Task Forces will be formed as needed, and we are open to considering suggestions from our membership.
If you are interested to join a Task Force, but currently are not a member, please visit our membership page and fill out the application form to become a member.

To join, please fill out THIS form or please email Adam Grainger, Head of Operations at