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FIIN Roundtable: The Case for Digital Music Assets (Has this Ship Already Sailed?)

April saw the launch of a newApril saw the launch of a newvirtual educational offeringto the membership, the FIINRoundtable. The Roundtable isan open meeting to membersthat follows the format ofclosed-door Chatham HouseRules held virtually via a Zoommeeting. The purpose of these‘closed-door’ sessions is toallow members to connect andlearn from experts on specific,often niche topics in a settingthat has no media and is notpublished but instead designedto foster idea exchange in anopen discussion format, whichdiffers to that of a webinar. OnApril 8th we ran the first sessioninviting expert speakers fromvarious sectors in the musicindustry to speak to members.

The four speakers presented an insider's view of the changing business of music finance. "A few themes resonated with the panelists that structured finance investors may want to be aware of: (1) the asset class is not widely understood by traditional ABS investors (no one ventured a count of the number of securitizations out there that are backed by music royalties) but the data set on cash flow performance is rich and ownership is straightforward; (2) scarcity and uniqueness are drivers of sharp value appreciation; and (3) special servicing ("curation") is a big deal."

We have five Roundtables in the wings, on topics that range from private jet finance to blockchain regulation, to alternative energy finance and smart city investments, to true sale medical claims finance.

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